Signs that your therapy is working well

It takes a very positive approach to opt for therapy. Our society still harbors a lot of misunderstandings and stigmas about mental health issues. While you visit your therapist regularly, the effectiveness of therapy can cause certain doubts in the mind. If you are able to feel a wider array of emotions than before and if you feel that your heart is less burdened, you are most certainly heading in the right direction.

Therapies generally take time and their growth isn’t always easy to determine. But the doubts and concerns regarding the effectiveness of any therapy are valid. Experts give us a good idea about the signs to look for if we want to know if the therapy is working well for us. The most important thing is to not reach any hasty judgment. Even if you think that you’re making significant progress, just wait till you have finished all the sessions to evaluate the progress. It is just like taking a medication course: you can’t judge its effectiveness until it is finished.

However, there are a few tell-tale signs. For instance, if you really look forward to meeting your therapist, there are great chances that you are going to do well. For most people, it is very hard to confide in another person. Everyone feels a bit nervous in initial interactions, but if you are comfortable with your therapist, you will find solace in the sessions.

Mental health issues can lead to mundaneness, which can make you lose general interest in life. If you have started to take pleasure in your daily activities, especially the ones that you loved before, you are definitely on the path to healing. Interest in activities such as reading books, exercising, cooking, and gardening is a very positive sign. Such interests can spark a lot of optimism and make you love the great possibilities that life offers. Similarly, if you think that you and your therapist is on the same page, things are fine. You have to trust your therapist because both of you must work as a team to get to the desired objectives. A part of a therapist’s job is to understand you well and work hard for your recovery. That only becomes possible with your trust. If you feel that you have developed trust, you will do well.

One important indicator of improvement in mental health is self-care. If you are paying attention to yourself, you must be improving. Activities such as meditation, writing diaries, traveling are indicators of therapy working well.

Therapies can have certain side effects and it can be hard to comprehend at first. There is no need to be very alarmed if you start experiencing any old symptoms. At times we do experience some odd patterns before getting stronger. Recovery isn’t always a rosy affair. You got to stay strong and keep waiting for the right time to heal. It is just like physical exertion: all athletes physically torment their bodies, but all the pain ultimately develops their muscles and raises their endurance level. Work with your therapist as a team, if you feel that the effect of the therapy is getting reserved.

The ultimate sign of getting well is feeling more responsible, in a positive manner. Your therapist, friends and family play a great goal in improving your mental health, but the real responsibility lies with you. No one really knows you better than you. Therapies just show you a particular direction; you have to travel the path yourself. You are indeed responsible for your own wellness. If you already know that, you have done well to get to the realization. Another successful sign is when you feel that a particular set of techniques suggested by your therapist is working. Therapies can succeed or fail due to several reasons. One of the major success factors can be your comfort level with your therapist and your willingness to adapt to the environment. If you are not comfortable with your therapist, you can always ask for help from another therapist. Similarly, if the environment is something that you find disconcerting, you can change that with the advice of your therapist. Remember that you have to take responsibility to set your own goal and exhibit commitment by identifying your goals. It won’t happen overnight, but with the right attitude and a hood therapist, you will manage to improve your mental health dramatically.
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