Happy Marriage—The journey and the craft

A happy and successful marriage is a dream of many and almost a universal desire. What we cannot deny is that humans are immensely complex creatures, and we are prone to conflict. It is hard to be perfect all the time. We all have our own vulnerabilities. Hence, marriages are not perfect. Clashes between couples are more typical than we like to admit. That is why successful marriages need a lot of hard work and compromises. Attitude is the most important determinant of happiness in marriages. Pour the sugar to get things sweeter; pour the salt for bitterness. So, it is well within the power of a couple to make their lives sweet or bitter. Like all other essential things, marriage also depends on a particular discipline. Rules are important. Defining the ‘no-go areas’ is important. Rituals are important. Celebrations are important. As an individual, you must be prepared to always give your best. Do not expect the best. This may sound strange because it is natural to expect the best results when you are giving your best. However, high expectations ruin many relationships, and the more expectations, the greater you will deter your positive attitude towards a relationship. And when you adjust as a reaction to your expectations, you might put less effort into making your relationship successful. Patience and perseverance solve a lot of problems. Remember that marriages may be constructed on the foundation of passionate love, but are built with the bricks of mundane everyday interactions. And these bricks must be put together by both partners. The essence of marriage is cooperation and not a competition with each other. Kindness is a key that opens up most locks and deadlocks. Be kind to your partner and yourself. Your partner will make mistakes, and so will you. Sometimes, you will have to forgive and forget. A successful marriage needs effort and certain emotional investments. It cements with time. Give your relationship ample time to be concrete. You rarely hit the road running with relationships. Only time-tested relationships are the best ones. It is a long road that needs a lot of sacrifices and time. Marriages might be written in fate, but destiny is pretty much in our hands. A marriage is like a blank notebook. You can write your own story. There is an adage that suggests that marriage is like a bicycle. If one of the wheels is damaged, movement becomes cumbersome. It is within your power to become the stronger wheel of the vehicle and never let it jump harder on the bumpy road of life. With that burden comes to a lot of responsibilities. Responsibilities make us more productive, and with experience, empathy, and wisdom, we can hone our skills to execute those responsibilities with utmost ease. Successful marriages float past the storms of conflicts, doubts, and many problems. Still, the journey is worth taking, and the efforts that you put in are gratifying.