Group Therapy Provider in California

Triumph Healthcare is the best group therapy provider in California. Group therapy allows a group of people to come together and share similar problems. The group experience can be very rewarding because the setup allows individual participants to be more forthcoming and accepting. The group setting reduces isolation and stigma.

The groups act as a support network and help members come up with ideas for improving difficult situations or challenges. The group members provide support to each other and push each other towards betterment. They feel a sense of community and experience a sense of mutual healing. The setting also allows group members to promote social skills and discuss new ideas.

Group therapies at Triumph healthcare conducted by licensed and experienced therapists/ psychologists responsible for guiding a small group of members.

Groups usually meet twice or thrice a week for 90 minutes to address common issues such as grief, addiction, anxiety, eating disorders, and parenting.  The participants can reveal as much about themselves as they want and their privacy stays with the group. Group therapy aims at changing habits and promoting positive ways of coping. Its effectiveness is well-researched. For certain individuals, its benefits are even greater than individual psychotherapy. The therapists also observe each member’s behavior in a social situation.

Health Insurance Accepted

Triumph Healthcare is known to be a World-class residential mental health facility. We are accredited by JCAHO and licensed by State of California, and approved by all major health insurance companies. At Triumph Healthcare we accept a wide variety of different insurance plans. Quick and fast response upon submission of insurance form.

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