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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Mental Illnesses are treated at Triumph Healthcare?
What is the average age of a patient at Triumph Healthcare?
How long is the program?
How does someone become a patient at Triumph Healthcare?
Does Triumph Healthcare take insurance?.
What does a typical day look like?
What does a patient do during downtime?
Is there treatment on the weekends?
Can a patient have a part time job or go to school while in treatment?
What happens if a patient does not connect with his or her therapist?
Why does a patient need an evaluation if one was made recently somewhere else?
Are visitors allowed? Family members?

Health Insurance Accepted

Triumph Healthcare is known to be a World-class residential mental health facility. We are accredited by JCAHO and licensed by State of California, and approved by all major health insurance companies. At Triumph Healthcare we accept a wide variety of different insurance plans. Quick and fast response upon submission of insurance form

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