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Psychotherapy means talk therapy. It is known to help people suffering from a broad variety of mental conditions and emotional difficulties. At Triumph healthcare, we believe in giving our clients the best psychotherapy sessions. Empathy is an integral part of the environment at Triumph healthcare and therefore we use psychotherapy frequently and strategically to help our clients.  Our staff use different types of psychotherapies (Cognitive behavioral therapy, Interpersonal therapy, Dialectical behavior therapy, Psychodynamic therapy, Psychoanalysis, Supportive therapy) depending on the client’s condition. It is also used in combination with medication and other therapies if recommended.

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Triumph Healthcare is known to be a World-class residential mental health facility. We are accredited by JCAHO and licensed by State of California, and approved by all major health insurance companies. At Triumph Healthcare we accept a wide variety of different insurance plans. Quick and fast response upon submission of insurance form.

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