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How To Fight ‘Unworthiness’

Unworthiness is one of the hardest feelings to cope with. It may seem that you are invisible and that no
one around you tries to understand you. It is one of those feelings that almost all of us experience in our
lives. But for some of us, the feeling is more permanent and is a direct consequence of the lifestyle that
allows no respite. If you have ever known a person who truly feels unloved, you might understand the
extent to which such people are damaged due to all the negativity surrounding them. The longer it
stays, the more damage it does.
A part of the negativity is created by unrealistic expectations others have for us. We feel unworthy of
someone’s love or attention just because we do not tick all the boxes in terms of someone’s
expectations. The society expects too much out of us. Parents expect their children to do exceptionally
well at studies. Spouses expect each other to be emotionally and physically perfect. Bosses expect their
subordinates to be exceptionally productive. The pressures of modern life can easily make anyone feel
The feeling of unworthiness can leave a great void that may plunge us to lifelong emotional struggles.
Holding on to such negativity can be very dangerous. The fact is that holding on to such a feeling
changes nothing. It only takes a toll on the body and the mind. The more you believe that you are
unworthy, the greater neglect you will inflict on your body and mind. Eventually, you might overlook
potentially healthy relationships because of shame and guilt that gets internalized after a certain point.
Such a prolonged sense of shame and guilt could lead to medical and psychological damages. Everyone
has to face rejection in some form at some point in their lives. It must not translate into the feeling of
unworthiness because we must admit that the world isn’t fair: at times we do not get what we deserve,
and in other times we get more than we ever deserved. We must train our minds to deal with negativity.
All of us have emotional vulnerabilities no matter how successful we are in terms of material success,
popularity, or prestige. There always will be times when we would feel inadequate. When that happens,
the first thing that we need to do is recognize the emotion and reckon its consequences to our peace of
mind. The first step to tackle unworthiness is to acknowledge it. The acknowledgment will help you
identify its causes. You may only try to escape a prison after you recognize that you are bound within its
walls. Once you know that you are trapped within the constraints of unworthiness, you will feel its
powers diminish.
All prison breaks are based on a plan. You need to prepare to get yourself out of the negativity caused
by the feeling of unworthiness. You must figure out the steps needed to move on from the shadows of
the past by doing something constructive. Being part of something positive will give you great self-
confidence. The distractions will help you regain vigor and focus. Your plan should also involve your
friends, family, or people who you can trust. Listen to everyone’s suggestion and think over what advice
is good for you. Keep a journal to track your progress. Practice mindfulness. Note the instance when
negativity applies stronger force on your life. Try to reaffirm yourself of your strengths and talents.
When your plans help you attain positivity, share it with others. Emotional support always helps. Lend it
to others, when you are able to do so.  You must intend to do your best and be proud of your effort,
talents, and strengths. Show yourself how good you are by overcoming negativity and helping others
cope with it.

Negativity doesn’t go away overnight. Be patient. It takes considerable effort, time, and energy to move
out of it. We all are good at something but when negativity takes over, it makes our talents rustic. It is
important to value your gifts and fight hard to get them back. The struggle will be long and hard but
while you are working on it, forgive yourself. It is important to forgive others but sometimes it is more
important to forgive your own mistakes of the past. Let bygones be bygones restart your life with a
greater vigor. Never be afraid to ask help. If you feel overly anxious or depressed, it may lead to severe
consequence. Therefore, you must consult mental healthcare specialists when required. Always
remember that human beings have a magnificent gift of getting out of challenges with renewed strength
and experience. Sometimes we can do entirely on our own but often we need help from others and we
must not hesitate in asking for help. We must not hesitate in lending help, either.

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