Body and Mind

Body and mind a guide to take care of your body

Our bodies serve us in many ways. They keep functioning optimally so that we may enjoy our lives. However, many of us incessantly complain about the imperfection of our body shape, and see it with regret and contempt. Instead of resenting our bodies, we should try to celebrate them. Most of us have grown up believing that there is a perfect template for what a human body should look like, and all of want desire that perfect body template. The fact is that human bodies come in all shapes, sizes, and we must allow ourselves to appreciate the differences. Let’s not undermine the functional aspects of bodies. All of us live under enormous pressures to conform. The heightened focus on exercising and dieting has left many people with ‘imperfect bodies’ physically and mentally strained. A few weeks ago an Indian actress Mishti Mukherjee died of kidney failure at the age of 27, due to complications caused by stringent keto diet routine. Such incidents are disconcerting at so many levels. The lockdown has got most of us anxious and worried. A number of eating disorder charities report a sharp increase in demand for their series since the lockdown. The charity ‘BEAT’ reports a 50% increase in the helpline queries. The real issue that disliking our bodies can seriously compact our physical and emotional health. Researchers suggest that a poor body image is associated with anxiety, poor eating habits, psychological distress, and a poor body image. This could only change if we have a serious and honest conversation with ourselves. We just cannot allow ourselves to keep hating our bodies. A positive, internal dialogue can help us develop better self-worth and self-love. Most of us need to stop punishing ourselves. We got to admit that body is just one aspect of our personality. Having a less-than-perfect shouldn’t undermine other virtues of our personality. We have to teach ourselves that. In order to start a positive change, we must positive body affirmation. Our minds learn a lot of negative beliefs and to reverse the order, we must try to incorporate positive body affirmations in our routine life. Try to focus on two body parts that you dislike the most. Try writing affirmations about them and reinforce them. A statement such as “I am enough” or” I am blessed” can help create and reinforce affirmations. It is also a good idea to keep a tab on how one’s feeling. Our bodies send us messages and we need to listen to them carefully. In our chaotic and busy lives, we often ignore the messages. Little niggles, headaches, and injuries must be taken seriously. Often times we keep compromising on rest, nutrition, and even medication. We must take account of all the red flags that tell us about our bodies’ needs. Many experts believe that a five-minute body scan medication can help us detect the potential requirements of our bodies. To do that, simply lie somewhere, close your eyes, and meditate. Draw your attention to different body parts and gradually move your focus up through your legs, torso, and the head. Continue this mental scan for a few minutes and finish with a few deep breaths. If can also routinely stroke your face and other body parts to promote self-care. Self-messaging can help you connect with your body. The simple act of stretching has been enjoying somewhat of a resurgence in recent years, after being seriously under-rated for too long. Not only can stretching help improve blood-flow and enhance our posture, but it can also enable your body to work more effectively. Similarly, proper stretching can help you relax your body. The ancient eastern practices of Yoga can help create a systemic balance in the body. Breathing practices can dramatically improve your wellbeing. Proper breathing practices can relax the heart and the brain. We all assume that we know how to breathe properly. That might not be true,
because we mostly breathe in a very shallow manner. Proper deep breathing makes sure that enough oxygen is provided to your lungs. Lungs have a greater capacity to expand and we must take full advantage of its capacities. A healthy body leads to a happy mind. All of us must take enough time out to make sure that we make the best use of what we have, and concentrate on making our bodies functioning properly, rather than falling for shallow social burdens about having the perfect body image.

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Mental Health Facility in Orange County